Category: Periodic Classification of Elements

Mendeleev’s Periodic Table

In 1871, Dimtri Mendeleev also tried to arrange elements in periodic order. In 19th century, his element arrangement was most successful as compared to early attempts made by other scientists like Dobereiner and Newland. In this session we will discuss about following topics: 1. Mendeleev’s Periodic Table 2. Mendeleev’s Periodic Table Achievements 3. Mendeleev’s Periodic…
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Early Attempts – Classification of Elements

In early 19th Century, many scientists made number of attempts to arrange and classify elements based on their elemental properties. Some of these classification are important: 1. Johann Dobereiner Triad Model 2. Newland’s Law Of Octaves Before going in for discussion on these model’s, It’s better to have basic understanding of few concepts & terms…
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Periodic Table – Terminologies

In this session, we are going to discuss about various terms or terminologies that are used in relation to periodic table. 1. Atomic Particles 2. Atomic Number & Atomic Mass 3. Isotopes 4. Ionization Energy 5. Electron Affinity 6. Valency Atomic Particles   Atom of an elements is represented with a combination of three small…
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