Tag: DevOps

Terraform Use Cases

Web Application Setup Any, web-based application we create, will require configuration (or add-ons) with other tools like database, email provider etc. Also, there are many factors based on which traffic on web applications can vary. Some of the factors are like popularity of the application, availability location, target customers or occasional etc. Due, to which…
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Terraform Overview

Cloud Computing has changes the dynamics of software development processes. Also, many new tools and process has been developed for controlled management and improvement of software development life cycle. Infrastructure as Code is one of  the processes, that has become integral to development operations. Multiple tools comes up to provide functional features for building infrastructure…
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Infrastructure as Code

Software Development has become very dynamic and vibrant. Application corrective actions, enhancements are expected to be done in minimal time. Agile development and DevOps as part of CI/CD has become integral part of Software Development Life Cycle. In response to make SDLC easier, faster, stable, consistent and robust, many tools & processes are created focusing…
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